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Our Services

Mentorship Programs

By mentoring youth about the original principles of Hip Hop, we give youth a vehicle for expressing ideas and emotions in response to situations in everyday life, world events, conflict-resolution, and learning social skills.

Youth Entrepreneurship

We believe in encouraging the creative spark that engages a youth's interest, and showing how to use their passion to create their own business.

Community Outreach

We partner with community businesses and leaders, all can create positive alternatives for youth versus negative outcomes. It takes a village to raise a child!

About Us

Supreme MCs Rule is an expressive music arts program using hip-hop culture and music to engage elementary, middle and high school students, addressing inner emotions, life situations and conflict resolution skills. The goal is for youth to reflecton past experiences and current life situations by connecting with hip hop lyrics, using them to discover a new talent, increasing their self-worth. Sessions are based around topics addressing inner emotions and various ways of expression, releasing suppressed emotions that often lead to lower school achievement, violence, depression and even teen suicide. Guests from the local music and performing arts community will be invited to be guests in the class for a well-rounded spectrum of learning. Hip-Hop is used as a gateway of expression to start the process of learning how to manifest their emotions in a positive manner. Students can be at any level of proficiency to participate in classes, as the focus is not as much on skill, but on the creative process and the emotional and cognitive benefits that stem from it. In the creation process, the students start to value their emotions and thoughts as an artistic tool, rather than a vehicle leading to less positive outcomes. Teens often feel they are the only ones going through issues, which can feel insurmountable. By sharing common issues, this also creates a bonding between students, letting youth know they are not alone – while producing finished works of art they can be proud of.

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Happy 44th Birthday Hip Hop!

Posted By suprememcsrule

Without the birth of Hip-Hop…there would be no us. We infuse the principles of the culture into our youth, to use in their daily lives. Thank you Hip-Hop for teaching and guiding us!
Check out our video paying homage to Hip-Hop’s history! #HappyBirthdayHipHop #44years


WJBF News Story – A local group helps inner city kids express themselves through music

Posted By suprememcsrule

Click below to check out our latest news story on the SMR Hip-Hop Expression Class!

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)–  A local group offered a free Hip-Hop event today to help inner city youth express themselves through music.
Students in grades K through 12 met at


Supreme MCs Rule Receives RSF Social Finance Seed Fund Grant

Posted By suprememcsrule

Supreme MCs Rule Hip Hop Expression Program is proud to have been one of seven selected out of eighty applicants nationwide to receive a seed fund grant from RSF Social Finance! The RSF Seed Fund makes grants to new initiatives, projects, and programs, in the